Placement is a lucrative business funding opportunity that allows you to offer some of your company's shares to a limited number of private investors. These investors are spared from registration in Security Exchange Board. Get our placement services and leverage cost-effective solution for your business.

Every company seeks the most efficient and strategic plans to raise funds for its capital formation. At GAMAT, we aim to assist you with extremely influential equity private placement services so that you can avail funds via corporate investors and private clients. We have a designated team of professionals, who entirely focus on private equity transactions to raise funds for private organisations. Till now, our experts have raised an enormous amount of funds through placement for private companies.

At GAMAT, our experts work diligently towards our placement services in order to guide you on the right path of acquiring funds with a personalised approach. Basically, Placement is a procedure to assist fundraising by selling securities to a specific number of private investors. These private investors are exempted from the registration with SEBI or concerned regulatory board of exchange. You can observe, that we are completely involved in the process, as we assist you in every step, starting with initial positioning leading to final negotiations. Our agenda is to simplify the process of attaining funds by opening the doors for established brands and misled investors.

At GAMAT, our professional experts provide you with placement services concerning equity raising for capital formation as well as debt financing. Our consultation assists you to acquire funds at all the stages starting from the very beginning stage of capital formation continuing to refinancing, recapitalization, buyouts and more. Based on your portfolio requirements, we assist you to make choices for best placement options. This would help you meet the requirements of your goals and needs. We assist fundraising in a variety of forms like,

  1. Placement of debt securities and equity.
  2. Credit facilities following senior, Unitranche, second lien and subordinated structure.
  3. . PIPE( Private Investment in public stakes).
  4. Securities that are traded publicly.

At GAMAT, we take care of your placement procedure by combining our intensive knowledge with current market trends and accordingly framing out the consultation. We serve the private placement services to all types of organisations starting with start-ups to well-established entrepreneurs. Here are some of the basic services provided by us,

  1. Preparation of documents concerning the contract of placement between the seller of securities and the private investor concerning financial attributes of the deal.
  2. Structuring of capital along with valuation.
  3. Sourcing of capital via funds, private investments and venture capitalists.
  4. Holistic consultations with the leading authorities of the company like CEO, in order to strategically frame fundraising options, like IPO, financing and private placement.

So these were some of the interesting characteristics of our placement services. We provide complete guidance and suggestions to execute such a fundraising phenomenon. For better understanding and practical exposure, you can consult with our experts.

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