Why Choose GAMAT Services

Along with being a professional financial expert, GAMAT is also proficient in delivering expert advice for legal issues like NCLT and make a profitable gesture in media management also.


Take a step towards unwinding the best strategies of financial growth and safety. With our expert financial advisors, you get a chance to strategically plan your finances in terms of investment, savings and many more.

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The financial investments or fundraising needs to comply with various issues like bulk orders etc. At GAMAT, we serve you with the best techniques that help you conveniently handle situations and make way for your fund growth.

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Media Management

Communication plays a vital role in improving the condition of an enterprise in all aspects that ranges from motivating employees to appropriately utilise resources. At GAMAT, we offer you exclusive media management services that collaboratively work to reduce expenses.

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Debt syndication

Our debt syndication service allows you to raise funds via a tool that extract funds from various groups. This instrument is bound by an agreement that works in the interest of both the parties. By raising funds through debt syndication, you get a chance to tap on the competitive interest rates and quick process.

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Placement is a lucrative business funding opportunity that allows you to offer some of your company's shares to a limited number of private investors. These investors are spared from registration in Security Exchange Board. Get our placement services and leverage cost-effective solution for your business.

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Investor Relation

We assist in building rapport between investors and listed companies and help our clients to explore opportunities in order to bridge the gaps between investments and tools.

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National Company Law Tribunal

NCLT, being one of the supreme regulators for company-related laws in India, has put many barriers in front of businesses. At GAMAT, we ensure smooth functioning of your business and hence provide you with protection against all the issues relating to NCLT.

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Investments made in equity can be exclusively lucrative, however, the risk is always affixed with it. It is said that "ultimate gains comes with complimented risks", hence you should be careful while investing in equities. Moreover, you can connect with us for a strategic plan of investment in equity that minimises risks.
Investor aggregation is a technology used by us to examine the complete financial stake of investors. We extract information from different sources in order to provide the most befitting solutions for growing wealth.
Gamat Prudence Redefined is a complete financial consultation services provider, however, it only provides you with strategic planning and guidance to grow your investments. Gamat never take decisions on your behalf, we just let you know the consequences of your decisions and suggest some worthwhile options.

Invest That Saves Generation

We offer you suitable financial guidance that directs you to move your credit score upward and create a foundation of returns for future generations.

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